Tales of the Lorekeepers

The Giants of Albion











Hardly a week has passed since Samuel Osmond’s first adventure, but already the dice are calling the Lorekeeper back to Metverold. The Yfel’s sorcerer aims to sabotage another legend, and this time the birth of a nation is at stake. What’s more, the sorcerer is not acting alone. A terrifying and cunning creature accompanies him, and Samuel will have to outwit both of them to protect the legend.


Samuel joins descendants of the Trojans as they approach the land of Albion. In this land, he will make new friends, but he will also encounter terrible dangers. Together with Angeline, he will discover that the war between Virtus and Yfel is not as straightforward as he had thought. What are the true intentions of the Yfel? And what secret has Virtus buried in the depths of Albion? As Samuel struggles to defeat the Yfel’s sorcerer once more, he will have to confront these questions and their terrifying answers.

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