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This is a collection of the first three books in the Tales of the Lorekeepers series. It is offered for those who have not met Samuel yet and want to jump in, while saving a dollar or two.

It includes the following books:

1) Rise of the Red Dragon
2) The Giants of Albion
3) The Last Prince of Troy

This is the story of Samuel Osmond, a regular teenage boy who was chosen to be the newest Lorekeeper, a guardian of legends and mythologies. Together with Angeline, a fata that looks after Samuel when he is in the world of Metverold, they battle against a dark sorcerer, who seek to change History by sabotaging different tales from our past.

This series aims to entertain you, but also to introduce you to legends you may not know, and whose stories have impacted our world in one way or another. I do hope you enjoy them!


Samuel Osmond opened his eyes in a world he had always dreamed of, where legends are more than bedtime stories, and fabled heroes battle fearsome foes. Looking down in his hand, Samuel sees the mysterious dice who brought him here, in this world called Metverold. He remembers casting the dice while he sat in his bedroom, and the red light that had swallowed him. Fortunately, he will soon meet Angeline, a fata tasked with helping Samuel understand his role as the new Lorekeeper, a guardian of legends.

But Metverold is a harsh world, and Samuel quickly grasps the danger he is truly in. Hiding among the Briton army of king Vortigern, on the run before the Saxon invaders, Samuel must find a dark sorcerer who threatens to change History, before a force from an earlier time is unleashed upon Dinas Ffaraon. And what of this strange boy who knows much more than he should? Could he be the key to it all?


Hardly a week has passed since Samuel Osmond’s first adventure, but already the dice are calling the Lorekeeper back to Metverold. The Yfel’s sorcerer aims to sabotage another legend, and this time the birth of a nation is at stake. What’s more, the sorcerer is not acting alone. A terrifying and cunning creature accompanies him, and Samuel will have to outwit both of them to protect the legend.

Samuel joins descendants of the Trojans as they approach the land of Albion. In this land, he will make new friends, but he will also encounter terrible dangers. Together with Angeline, he will discover that the war between Virtus and Yfel is not as straightforward as he had thought. What are the true intentions of the Yfel? And what secret has Virtus buried in the depths of Albion? As Samuel struggles to defeat the Yfel’s sorcerer once more, he will have to confront these questions and their terrifying answers.


After surviving two adventures on Metverold, Samuel Osmond is getting more comfortable in his role as the Lorekeeper, but he quickly learns that the Yfel can reach him anywhere. Hunted in his own world and out of option, Samuel has to flee to Metverold and seek shelter on his enemy's home turf.

But the safety he seeks still eludes him, as the legend Samuel must defend will take him to the darkest region of Greek mythology, and down in the deepest abysses of the Underworld. There, he will face the most terrifying foes he as encountered yet, and find out exactly how much courage courses through his veins.

This third book marks the midpoint in the Tales of the Lorekeepers series. Secrets are revealed, mysteries are unveiled, and more question arise, as Samuel gets closer to finding out the Yfel's true goal.

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