Separating myth from fiction

  It will surely not surprise you if I affirm that I am passionate about History and mythology. These two fascinations pushed me to write the Tales of the Lorekeepers series. Through Samuel's adventure, I can give my readers the opportunity to discover legends that are not widely known, but with great importance for the history of our world. With my novels, I aim not only to offer an entertaining moment to the reader, but also to tickle his curiosity about the past of the different nations inhabiting our planet.


  In this section, I propose to divide the fiction from the myth, to present the legends from which I draw inspiration for my stories, before Samuel ever set foot in them. You will discover the facts from which I build my stories, and the legendary characters inhabiting my novels, as they were described by the historians of their time.


  I must specify that I am not a professional historian myself, and even less a specialist in mythology. I am only an enthusiast seeking to convey my passion for History. Please do not hesitate to consult other sources for more information about the legends presented in the Tales of the Lorekeepers book.




The Giants

of Albion




The Last

Prince of Troy

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