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" Build your reputation by helping other people build theirs. "

- Antohny J. D'Angelo

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We have all heard the stories of successful writers and the difficulties they met early in their career. The traditional way of publishing is comparable to a lottery, and each success follows a seemingly endless list of rejection letters. The process is at the heart of more than one auhtor's discouragement, denying readers of their fantastic work.


Fortunately, with the arrival of self-publishing, the rules are slowly tilting in favor of writers. They can now publish their work themselves and receive adequate royalties, without having to sell the rights on their stories.


However, this new way of publishing is not to everyone's advantage. With self-publishing, the writer needs to do everything by himself. This represents hundreds of hours of additional work. Suddenly, the writer must put his passion on ice and learn how to assemble an eBook, manage his sales and promotions, establish price strategies and set up distribution, as well as a marketing plan and so much more.


It's easy to imagine many writers forfeiting their dream on account of a lack of time.


That is precisely why we founded Smart Cat Publishing. We want to help authors publish their work and find readers, and we will do so with a focus on eBooks and of course, on the writer.

These are extraordinary times. More than ever, writers from everywhere are making a living with their craft. Why not you? If you have a manuscript to publish, a story to tell, and a desire to be part of a team of writers working together toward a common goal, then Smart Cat Publishing is for you.

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