What makes Smart Cat different

The traditional publishing model is shaken. Writers want to be recognized as the essential cog in the book publishing apparatus. They expect nothing less than a just reward for their labor.


At Smart Cat, that is exactly what we're all about. We believe that in the publishing world, only the writers and the readers are essential. Everyone else needs to prove its worth.


Here is how we intend to prove ours:


— We offer one of the highest royalty rate in the industry.


— Flexible contracts that are tailored to your needs, with an initial length of 5 years, and automatically renewed every 2 years after that, unless specified otherwise by the author.


— No right of first refusal on subsequent work. We have to constantly maintain your trust and prove Smart Cat's worth.


— Instead of a monetary advance, we propose a service advance, by providing a cover for your book, as well as copy editing. If you do not require these services, then you can start earning royalties from day one.


Sales reports and paiement on a monthly basis.


— We specialize in eBook publishing, and we can distribute your work in over 50 countries within a few days after your final approval.


— We take care of the print-on-demand process for your paper books.


— We will manage your book, find reviewers, promote your work and take all the necessary steps to give you the best chance to succeed.

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