The people behind Smart Cat

Martin Rouillard

A full-time writer since 2011, Martin is the author of the best-selling series Tales of the Lorekeepers. He has self-published all of his books in English and French, acquiring a priceless expertise for developing quality ebooks and distributing them worldwide.


Martin also spends a lot of his time helping other writers fulfill their dream, whether by mentoring them through the process or with his videos about self-publishing (in French). He is convinced that authors can succeed in today's market, and  that many of them can earn a living at their craft with the help of Smart Cat.


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Annie Fournier

The idea of Smart Cat was born from Annie's desire to assist authors among her friends publish their work, and to help readers discover these treasures, especially with health and self-help books. Annie believes authors should be rewarded equitably for their work, and that they are the essence of the book publishing industry.


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